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All Dutch events and the main foreign events are listed below. For more detailed calenders of our neighbouring countries, click on: Belgium, U.K., Germany.
If you have an event you would like to have listed, mail it to: events(at)

Date Title Venue City Type
14/08 - 21/08 Artic Lindy Exchange Iceland Iceland International Events
20/08 - 20/08 Roffaswing Birthday Bash Cuartito Azul Tangoschool Rotterdam National Events
16/09 - 23/09 Balboa Castle Camp Beesenstedt Castle Beesenstedt International Events
07/10 - 07/10 SOOP 8th Birthday Bash Kompaszaal Amsterdam National Events
21/10 - 23/10 SwingDom 2016 utrecht Utrecht National Events
28/10 - 01/11 Lindy Shock 2016 Budapest Budapest International Events
25/11 - 27/11 Roffa Balboa Weekend Cuartito Azul Tangoschool Rotterdam National Events